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Le Chapiteau is an open-air, homemade party venue in Marseille.

Organic bar, club, restaurant, pétanque courts... A hybrid space, Le Chapiteau is an urban oasis bringing together atypical evenings where DJs from the local and international scene follow one another throughout the seasons. ​


A crossroads of pleasures, Le Chapiteau invites free spirits and discerning ears to let go and simply party!


You will find something to enjoy both thanks to our varied program and our tapas and pizzas offered à la carte.


Quality music, responsible consumption, respect for the public, nature and the body...

These values ​​have allowed Le Chapiteau to establish itself as an essential place on the Marseille scene.

here, everything is 100% recycled. No waste, in order to defend the values ​​we believe in!

The products we offer are organic, responsible and local in most cases.

Pallet tables and armchairs occupy both the interior and exterior space. Enough to have a good time in summer but also in winter.

our land of 2,700m2 will give you the impression of being in a garden in summer in Marseille while still being in the city.


So, come and discover Le Chapiteau, a party venue and concert bar in Marseille, like no other!


* Autumn winter :

Friday 10 p.m. - 4 a.m.
Saturday 10 p.m. – 4 a.m.

* It is possible that opening times and/or days vary depending on events, for up-to-date information, please check our Facebook page , in the events tab.

Phone number : 09 52 51 48 43

+ contacts in the dedicated tab

Find us

38 traverse Notre-dame de Bon Secours

13003, Marseille

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