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For your private evening, privatize Le Chapiteau!

And with Le Chapiteau, it’s simple! Are you looking for a festive and privatized place to organize your own party, whether for your birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a student party or even a company party?
Privatize Le Chapiteau, which opens its doors to you and adapts according to your desires!

With its shaded grounds of more than 2700m2 , its tables and chairs which are entirely modular, not to mention the interior with its dance floor but also its bar and its sofas, its pergola, and finally its chalet for your events in winter, Le Chapiteau offers numerous alternatives according to your desires and needs.
Ask us what you want for your private evening and we will do everything we can to privatize Le Chapiteau and make your wishes a reality!

We have all the necessary equipment for a DJ, whether vinyl or digital, a large indoor bar and numerous outdoor bars, not forgetting the chalet and the pergola which are perfect if you are looking for a unique and intimate place in the heart of Marseille! A true little corner of paradise in the heart of Marseille , Le Chapiteau is the ideal place to privatize for a private evening that your guests will remember for a long time!

So don't hesitate any longer: birthdays, company or colleague evenings, hen parties or stag parties, student evenings with your BDE and even weddings, Le Chapiteau is the ideal place to welcome you and your invited to have a private evening that meets your desires and is unforgettable!

Fill in some information below to receive a quote and explore your desires and needs in order to create the private party of your dreams!

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